Stainless Steel Wire Mesh With Closed Edge

The edge treatment methods of stainless steel wire mesh are different, usually divided into closed edges and open edges. Closed edge means that the two warp threads adjacent to each other at the two ends of the wire mesh are connected together, but the two warp threads at the open edge are not connected together.

The characteristics of open edge stainless steel wire mesh: convenient and fast processing, and cheap price. Generally used for mechanical operation protection, direct filtration, simple process, good permeability, uniform and stable accuracy, good regeneration performance, fast regeneration speed, easy installation, high efficiency and long service life. But be sure to protect your hands to avoid scratching your hands.

The characteristics of closed edge stainless steel wire mesh: the wire mesh specifications are generally large wire diameter, small mesh, the wire mesh is not easy to fall off, the structure is strong, the safety performance is high, and the hand is not easy to hurt. It has the advantages of easy use, not easy to drop, long service life, not easy to hurt hands, and solid structure. Widely used, widely used in mining, petrochemical industry, construction, breeding and other industries. It can be used as protective net, packing net, barbecue net, vibrating screen, basket net, food machinery net, wall net, food, road, railway equipment net, and can also be used for filtering.

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Post time: Mar-21-2023