45mn/55mn/65mn Heavy duty steel crimped wire mesh screen for shale shaker

Short Description:

The Crimped wire mesh (mining screen wire mesh, square wire mesh) are manufactured in different geometries (square or slotted meshes) and different weaving styles (double crimped, flat mesh, etc.).
Crusher screen wire mesh is also called vibrating screen woven mesh, crusher woven wire mesh, quarry vibrating screen mesh, quarry screen mesh etc. it is wearable resistance, high frequency and longer life. Manganese steel vibrating screen mesh is made of the high tensile manganese steel, and the most widely used and common is 65Mn steel.

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1. Angle: 30 degrees, 45 degrees,60 degrees

2. Crimped Wire Mesh Shape: v-shaped, u-shaped

3. Hook Type: C or U hook for 30°-180°

4. Weaving Type: Double crimped, intermediate crimped, flat top crimped, lock crimped.

5. Mesh Type: Square, rectangular slot, long slot.

6. Surface Treatment: Anti rust oil painted.

7. Edge Preparation: Plain, bent, reinforced shroud, welded shroud, bolt shroud.

Product Description

1. Material:
High carbon steel wire, low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire and other metal wires.

2. Feature:
It has fine features of neat & precise, sturdy structure, durable& strongly rust-resistant and fine anti-corrosiveness.

3. Packaging:
Wrapped with moister-proof paper, Then covered with Hessian cloth.

4. Application:
Screening in mine, coal factory, construction and other industries.used as window
screening, safety guards in machinery enclosures, also used in filtering liquid and gas, sieving grain.


65mn Crimped Mesh
Name Vibrating Screen Mesh
High carbon steel  65Mn,45#,50#,55#,60#,70#,,72A
Wire diameter 0.8mm-12.7mm,Our finished wire is inspected by third party SGS,Tolerance+_0.03mm .
Aperture/Opening 2mm to 100mm,tolerance +-3%
Chemical Composition
NO.  Grade  Chemical Composition %
c si mn
1 45 0.42-0.50 0.17-0.37 











2 50 0.47-0.55
3 55 0.52-0.60
4 60 0.57-0.65
5 65 0.62-0.70
6 70 0.67-0.75
7 65Mn 0.62-0.70 0.90-1.20
8 72A 0.70-0.75 0.15-0.35 0.30-0.60

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Crimped wire mesh
Crimped wire mesh
Crimped wire mesh

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