How to choose stainless steel wire mesh

It is said that "interlaced like a mountain" stainless steel mesh is a high mesh filter, used in industrial, construction, pharmaceutical factories and other fields. Do you know how to choose good quality stainless steel mesh when you buy stainless steel mesh again?

Recently, due to the large-scale production and sales of filter meshes, many small factories that have not registered also come to produce this stainless steel mesh, but the quality of their stainless steel mesh production is very unqualified, the surface is not smooth, and it is easy to age and grow. Rust and so on. Material is cut corners.

How to identify these flaws? This requires someone to guide you. When buying stainless steel mesh, first check if its surface is smooth. Touch the surface of the stainless steel mesh with your hand to see if there are any oil stains on your hand. There are also tools such as micrometers or calipers to measure the wire diameter before you buy. And prepare some experimental stainless steel potions to check if the seller's product is really not rusty.

310S stainless steel wire mesh

310S stainless steel wire mesh has the advantages of uniform mesh, very smooth surface and high coefficient of friction. 310S stainless steel wire mesh is strong, also used in cutting, processing and manufacturing. The mounting clips of each set of 310S stainless steel wire mesh include upper and lower clips, and one nut and round head bolt for M8. We can provide 310S stainless steel mesh or bolting methods as needed. The clearance of 310S stainless steel wire mesh installation is generally 100mm. When installing, please pay attention to whether the 310S stainless steel mesh is firmly and reliably installed. You should always check the 310S stainless steel mesh to prevent the 310S stainless steel mesh installation clamp from loosening and falling off. However, the 310S stainless steel wire mesh near the vibration is best welded or added Rubber mat.

Post time: Jul-15-2022